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Variable Speed Centrifuge w/ 8-place Angled Rotor

This is an economical variable speed centrifuge designed to fit any budget. This unit accommodates most test tubes from 3ml – 15ml. It includes 8-place tube rotor, eight 15ml tube sleeves and eight 13x75mm tube sleeve inserts.


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  • This unit accommodates most test tubes from 3 ml – 15 ml
  • The wide stance eliminates wobble, while the suction-cupped feet prevent slipping
  • The brushless motor (110 V only) is virtually maintenance-free and the lid port allows easy viewing of specimens while in use
  • Accurate speeds for specific g-forces
  • Proper separations without cell damage
  • Ideal for blood, urine and other fluids
  • Quiet, vibration-free operation
  • Unique space-saving triangle design
  • 8-tube capacity – 3ml to 15ml size tubes
  • Auto-off 30-minute timer with bell
  • Brushless motor (110V only) – maintenance free
  • Blue LED power indicator light
  • Suction-cupped feet prevent slipping
  • 3,300 rpm variable speed – blood, urines, etc.
  • Timer and lid safety shut-off switch
  • Brushless motor (110 V only) – maintenance free
  • Suction-cupped feet prevent slipping
  • 8-tube capacity – 3 ml to 15 ml size tubes
  • Maximum RCF=1,350 g


  • Dimension: 10in H x 10in L x 10in W
  • Weight: 11 lbs
  • 110 V power (220 V available)

Manufacturer warranty: 1 year on materials and workmanship


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