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3D Human Lung Model Styles and Options

Selecting the correct 3D human lung model to compliment a classroom lecture, laboratory assignment,or working directly in consultation with patients is simple if you do a bit of browsing around on the internet. Choosing a reputable human anatomical model company is one way to ensure that the model that you choose will be well made, very accurate,and guaranteed to be just what you ordered. Buying from a discount outlet or general medical supply company may not result in the same high quality product since these companies often buy from the lowest priced supplier and not the company offering the best models.

The good news is that almost any high quality 3D lung model can be used with students or patients since it will clearly display both the external and internal features of the lungs. This type of detail will assist in discussion both healthy lung functioning as well as issues that can occur if disease conditions are present. Many instructors and physicians choose to have a 3D human lung model of both a healthy and diseased lung available for comparison. This also allows the professional to choose the model that is most effective based on the patient or lecture information.

A healthy 3D human lung model should include a view of the external aspects of the lung as well as a cut out or cut-away portion of the lung to provide an internal perspective. The lung should always be normal in size to add authenticity to the discussion while also providing a realistic view of all aspects of the lung. It should include the major arteries and veins to and from the lung as well as the lymph nodes. The bronchial passage, bronchus and the lobes of the lungs should be clearly visible on the model.  Often the healthy 3D human lung model shows only one lung and, in this case, the model is very small and compact.

Another option is a diseased 3D human lung model which usually displays both lungs connected together as they occur in actual human anatomy. This option provides a greater detail of the trachea bifurcation and the bronchial passages. The benefit of this type of model is that there is a healthy lung represented along with the major lung diseases and conditions. These should include cancer, asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD. Once students or patients are familiar with the healthy lung this 3D human lung model can be used to highlight the symptoms of the common lung conditions.

For even more specific information on chronic bronchitis or asthma a bronchus model can be used in conjunction with either of the above mentioned 3D human lung model options. This combination of three models will address in a classroom, laboratory or patient consultation setting the results of various health conditions that cause respiratory problems. Having these anatomy models assist both students and patients in understanding very complex medical conditions in a non-threatening and very informative fashion. The medical staff or instructor can also use the information card as a guideline for the discussion, and to help patients with specific medical terminology.


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