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Specialty Surgical Instruments

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Surgical Instruments by Specialty for Smooth Medical Procedures
The human body is a complex sets of systems filled with tight areas and both delicate and tough tissues. To assist surgeons, a variety of surgical instruments by specialty have been developed to make their jobs easier while delivering other benefits such as improving patient safety and procedure efficiency. The specialty surgical instruments also enable surgeons to access areas that would be very difficult to access otherwise.

Surgical Instruments by Specialty are Third Hands for Surgeons

Surgical instruments by specialty enable specific tasks. For example:

Eye instruments – the blade breaker and holder with a ratchet lock can hold and break razor blades into fragments and is useful for cataract surgeries or other eye surgeries when the surgeon needs to create a cornea-scleral groove
Neurological instruments – includes a wide range of instruments like a Gigli Saw Guide used with a Gigli Saw during amputations, the dura separator that has a flat dull blade that can separate the skull and its dura layer, the bone biopsy instruments that can remove small bone bits or drill small sinus holes, and the brain spatula used to retract the brain in different types of surgeries
Obstetrical instruments – includes items like the silicone cube pessary for managing vaginal prolapse, the Collyer Pelvimeter used to assess a woman’s pelvis in relation to birth, sheet holders, etc.
Post mortem instruments – includes specialized instruments like chisels, object discs, dissecting tenaculums, aneurysm needles, skull breaker, hammer, and more

Look for Brands Known for Quality

All areas of surgical procedures have specialized instruments, including dental, ENT, orthopedic, cardiovascular, and plastic surgery, to name a few. They may not be listed under “specialty surgical instruments” but rather in specific instrument categories. The most important thing to keep in mind is to look for brands known for quality and reliability.
Surgical instruments by specialty are crucial to the success of many different kinds of surgeries. They aid surgeons and physicians in hospitals and specialty clinics, or any facility offering surgical or autopsy services.

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