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Surgical Kits

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Economical Surgical Tray Kits Increase Efficiency
Every surgery and most non-surgical medical exams require a variety of supplies. Many of the supplies and surgical instruments are specialized to fit the physician’s needs during surgery or exams. Surgical tray kits are pre-assembled sets of supplies and small medical instruments used for purposes like procedure and surgical preparation of patients or circumcision. They offer labor-saving convenience and ensure the surgeon or physician has the right items on hand.

Convenient Surgical Tray Kits

There are many different types of medical procedures and processes, requiring the physician to have certain supplies and instruments readily available. The Central Supply Department can spend many labor hours assembling the items to fill requests. There is always a risk the right supplies will not be available in inventory or that an essential item will fail to be included.

Surgical tray kits include most of the supplies and small medical instruments that are commonly required. For example, the C-section kit includes numerous supplies like a placenta basin, baby blanket, patient drape, skin marker and ruler, towels, newborn head warmer, syringes, gauze, bandages, and much more. It also includes small surgical instruments like a cord clamp.

Surgical Kits for All Common Procedures

Surgical tray kits have been assembled for specific and general procedures. For example, besides the kits already mentioned, there are kits for:

Plastic surgeries
Labor delivery
Vaginal tubal ligations
Pap smears
Eye surgeries
Rectal surgeries

There are many other procedures than the ones mentioned. Surgical tray kits are also available for basic activities like wet skin scrubs, suturing, and removal of sutures, and for major procedures like orthopedic surgeries.

Adding Efficiency to Procedures

The surgical tray kits are used in all medical settings like hospitals, walk-in medical clinics, dental offices, and nursing homes. Kits are also used by emergency personnel, home health care workers, school nurses and mobile healthcare units. The kits are practical, economical, and increase efficiency.

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