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Surgical Scissors Designed for Every Purpose
One of the most versatile, useful and practical surgical instruments is surgical scissors, used to cut everything from bandages to human tissue, and to simply tasks like suturing. Surgical-grade scissors are found in hospitals, surgical and outpatient clinics, physician offices, emergency care facilities, laboratories, autopsy facilities and veterinary facilities. They are also used by faculty at university medical schools, and private and public research facilities. High quality surgical scissors are smoothly working instruments with a highly polished and fine finish and are able to cut with precision.

Most surgical scissors are ring-handled for ease of use. However here are some cutting instruments with slightly curved solid handles, like rib shears and eye scissors. The many different styles of scissors offer a variety of features, depending on their primary use. Bandage scissors have angled blades for comfortable and accurate use. Dissecting scissors and operating scissors are available with curved or straight blades. Surgical enterotomy scissors are specially designed with one straight blade and one hooked blade. Stich scissors have curved serrated blades. Each type of scissors contributes to the healthcare professional’s ability to successfully manage the task at hand.

The large variety of surgical scissors serves the specific needs of different healthcare personnel, from surgeons to personnel working in physician offices. They include cartilage scissors, multipurpose iris scissors for detailed cutting, operating scissors for general use, rib shears for cutting large bones, tonsil scissors, utility sheers and so much more. The scissors are made of high quality materials like stainless steel by name brands and are carefully constructed to provide long-term service.

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