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Autoclave Sterilizers

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Laboratory Autoclaves Deliver Essential Safety Process

Laboratory autoclaves are the kind of equipment that tends to be taken for granted because they have been in use for many years. Yet they perform the critical task of sterilization with steam, and there is no room for mistakes. One mistake in the sterilization process can lead to human or animal infections, environmental hazards or destroyed scientific experiments or testing. Purchasing the best autoclave model for managing load sterilization needs is important to safety.

Desired Features of the Effective Autoclave

Autoclaves are available as countertop or tabletop units and as portable units. The portable units include an autoclave stored in a carrying case for field use or floor models that are easily moved to different locations. Unlike the bulky laboratory autoclaves of yesteryear, the new equipment designs are streamlined without giving up important features.

The features to consider include:

Whether it is programmable
Energy efficiency
Type of loads to sterilize – wrapped or unwrapped instruments, liquids, media, plasticware, glassware, etc.
Load capacity- chamber size
Required space once set up
Top loading or front loading
Temperature range
Display for temperature, time, water level, etc.
Safety functions – pressure relief, locking device for when in use, low water sensor, over temperature alarm, etc.
Electrical requirements
Program timer
Whether it is fully automatic – fills, sterilizes, exhausts and dries
Location of the drain valve

Most autoclaves are made of stainless steel, so they are corrosion resistant.

Laboratory Autoclaves for Non-Laboratory Use

There is a wide variety of high quality and reliable autoclave models because the need to sterilize is not limited to hospitals, clinics, and dental offices. Laboratory autoclaves are also used in businesses that include tattooing, nails and cosmetics, body piercing, spas, hotels, veterinary clinics, health and wellness facilities, pharmaceutical R&D facilities and university medical schools. Suppliers technical staff can answer any questions and assist with matching the right autoclave to the facility or business.

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