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Lab Microscopes

Every physician knows the importance of the laboratory. Information garnered there can help to diagnose a patient. That is why it is imperative to have the most accurate equipment. Everything from centrifuges to lab microscopes must be optimized for use in a particular lab for the best possible diagnosis and treatment of the patient.

There are two types of microscopes for the lab available at Medical Supplies and Equipment Company. The intended use of the scope will determine if you need either a trinocular video microscope or an optical binocular microscope. The amount of space and budget will go far in deciding your choice for a lab microscope. Prices will range with the least expensive being simple table top models, but we have other options that might be more conducive to your research. These floor and wall mounted microscopes will be more expensive, but the benefits of their use over table top units will likely make an investment in these a boon for your lab.

For optimal bacteria viewing, you will need an achromat microscopes to reduce chromatic aberration. This is the most common objective lens. Its presence is explicitly described in most of our microscopes for the lab. If the lab microscopes is intended for teaching purposes, then an ideal model would either be a dual view binocular microscope or a trinocular video microscope. For classroom or demonstrations to a group, a video lab microscope will be the best option. Our trinocular model comes with a CCD video camera and a 14″ video CCD monitor. Its planachromatic objectives are designed to minimize spherical distortion.

For a built-in investment in your lab, you could need either a floor or a wall mounted lab microscope. Floor mounted binocular lab microscopes are available either with or without power XY. Your choice of these will have a foot controlled zoom lens and a joystick for the power XY model. This allows you to operate the unit hands free. They are perfectly balanced to prevent tipping over in the lab, and they have a DC power supply available for a video camera. Our wall mounted binocular lab microscopes also give you the choice of a joystick operated power XY. They both feature continuous zoom that can be manually overridden by a foot control panel for the best viewing when hands in the lab are busy with other things.

For maintenance, all of our binocular lab microscope models come with dust covers and spare halogen bulbs. If you are equipping a classroom or educational lab with these, it is imperative that you ensure the students cover the microscopes with the dust protectors at night. This will ensure the long life of the lab microscope and prevent scarring of the lens.

If there is a microscopes for the lab for which you are looking and cannot find, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Medical Supplies Equipment Company. Our customer service will be happy to assist you.

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