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Utility & Janitorial Carts

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Easy Maintenance and Cleaning with Utility and Janitorial Carts

Every healthcare facility has a requirement for utility carts. The housekeeping staff in medical facilities work around the clock so that they can provide a clean and healthy environment for the patients, visitors and the working staff. There is a wide range of utility and janitorial carts available, so the staff can keep the facility clean with little effort and improve their productivity.

Hospitals can make use of various kinds of utility carts that serve many purposes in a surgical room or pediatric room.  Staff can transport hospital linens, cleaning chemicals, and garbage bags easily with the help of a janitorial cart. One can choose from a lightweight handheld cart or a heavy duty one and find them all in one place. These carts are made using durable material like plastic or metal and are available as stationary or mobile carts. Most of these carts have customizable features that are sure satisfy the needs of any medical facility.

With the wide range of utility and janitorial carts, medical facilities can now easily hold, organize and transport all their cleaning supplies. Some carts come with washable linen liners that are easy to maintain. Heavy duty carts are available if there is a need to handle heavier and bulkier products.

Carts come in many different shapes and sizes.  Be sure to compare the different elements of construction.  Carts come in fiberglass, aluminum and even PVC.  You can select a cart with doors and even locks.  Rest assured that there is a cart that can be customized to do every job you need in various areas of the establishment.

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