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Pillows & Cushions

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Medical Cushions and Pillows

A number of medical supply professionals are passionate people who understand the significance of comfort for the patients, no matter what their age is or how mobile they are or what they are suffering from.

People who are suffering from acute pains in the upper, lower, or middle back area, or neck, there is a wide range of high quality pillows and cushions which are appropriate for offices, clinics, homes or even rehabilitation centers. As these provide superior comfort and are constructed in a way which improves the sleep patterns, these cushions and pillows also help in improving the posture after long stretches of lying or sitting.

Concept of Medical Cushions

Health Professionals across the world use a variation of tools to station the patients for many treatment techniques. These cushions are also recommended to be used at home so that the improvements can be maintained for longer periods of time. An extensive range of medical cushions and therapeutic Pillows are an absolute must for clinical and home use.
These orthopedic cushions are constructed to help with below mentioned medical conditions:

1. Providing support while sitting
2. Supporting the body’s trunk
3. Support limbs
4. Realign and support the lumbar spine

These cushions are available with various cutouts designed to alleviate the pressure of certain injuries. They are constructed of memory foam, standard foam, gel or air so as to meet different medical requirements. These are equipped with removable covers so that they could be easily cleaned.

Flat Medical Cushions

These are constructed for people who need light-weight cushions for general use. These cushions provide extreme comfort without any risk of skin breakdowns for both caregiver and the user. If you are looking easy maintenance optional covers can be easily disinfected or cleaned by wiping down.

Medical Wedge Cushions & Seat Wedges

To keep the spine in its naturally neutral posture, a pelvic tilt wedge cushion is used. It tilts the pelvis correctly and is also helpful in decreasing the pain in the lower back and legs.
These wedges align the spine to its natural curve – to relieve the abnormal stress in the lower area of the spine, the medical wedge cushion will help the spine of the user to stay in its natural and balanced position while sitting.

With a wide range of pillows and cushions available, you are sure to find a combination that suits your needs.

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