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Vaginal, Nasal and Anal Speculums Simplify Procedures

Speculums are a specially designed tool used to hold open the walls or tissue in the vagina, nasal passage, anus, ear and eye. They give the physician a clearer line of sight and minimize the time it takes to perform a particular procedure.

Types of Speculums

Speculums are designed for specific medical procedures. They include:

Vaginal speculums – used for examining the vagina and cervix during Pap Smears, pelvic examinations and surgeries
Ear speculums – an ENT device that attaches to an otoscope and is used for surgeries and examinations of the inner ear
Eye speculums – a device that retracts the eye lid during ophthalmic examinations and surgeries
Nasal speculums – device used to expose and retract tissue in the nasal passage for examination, removal of foreign objects and surgical procedures
Anal speculums – also called a rectal speculum, it is used to open the anus opening to view the rectum or to perform anal surgery; this category includes the anoscope

Selecting the Right Device

When selecting a speculum, consider the following designs and specifications available today.

Materials – chrome or plastic for ear speculums; other speculums are made of stainless steel or other metal varieties, or plastic
Maintenance – disposable or can be sterilized and reused
Size – speculums are made in different sizes from small to large to accommodate different body sizes
Vaginal speculums – have a duckbill shape but blades can be small, medium or large and thick or thin and most are self-retaining
Eye speculums – self-retaining, spring style and spring style with locking mechanism
Ear speculums – various sizes available
Nasal speculums – various styles made with or without a set screw and with fenestrated or solid flanges
Anal speculums -designed with features like a hard rubber obturator or all stainless steel, a set screw and other features

The speculums sold by Medical Supplies & Equipment Co. (MSEC) are name brands that have earned a reputation for product innovation, quality and durability. A quality speculum enables the healthcare professional to perform examinations and procedures as quickly and as comfortably as possible for the patient.

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