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Pediatric Furnishings

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Choose from the Innovative Pediatric Furnishings and Equipment

A number of clinics and hospitals make use of Pediatric furniture and equipment. Using furniture designed for kids helps to reduce the anxiety of a child and makes them feel at home during their health check-ups.

Regardless of their size, hospitals or clinics that have a pediatric section need to make sure that the inpatient areas are safe and are well-furnished. Pediatric waiting rooms also must be equipped properly, and adequate staff must be present to attend to infants and kids. Hospitals can choose from furniture and equipment that is superior in its design and provide a very durable performance. Most of the pediatric furniture and equipment used include exclusive pictures and graphics and these in turn help create a comfortable and a child-friendly environment for kids of all ages.

Hospital Child & Youth Cribs: Hospital child cribs are a must have if you are taking care of infants and young children in the healthcare facility. These come with side and end panels that provide additional safety and also meet all the federal safety standards.

Pediatric & Youth Safety Beds: One can choose from manual to electronic pediatric beds that feature 3 cranks that are placed for the head and knee gatch and for hi and lo positioning. Hospitals can also choose from various colors and options that are available to make them look appealing and extra comfortable.

Pediatric Wheelchairs: It is almost impossible to keep a child sitting in one position for too long, when choosing a wheelchair, it is important to choose one that is comfortable and makes them feel secure. Hospitals can choose from a regular Pediatric Recliner Wheelchair which allows for an easier resting position or one that includes swing back arms that makes getting on and off the wheelchair easier.

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