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Warming Cabinets: More Than Heat Devices
Patient care is now a more inclusive matter than ever before. It is becoming holistic in nature, encompassing everything from the provision of essential medical services to creating a caring environment. One of the ways hospitals can accomplish the latter is through ensuring warmed blankets. They do so with the help of warming cabinets.

The Purpose of a Warming Cabinet

A warming cabinet finds use in medical facilities as a means of warming blankets or ensuring certain fluids retain their heat. They can perform either or both functions. As a result, you can have combination blanket/fluid warmers or singular blanket or fluid warmers. Like many other pieces of hospital equipment, they are available in different sizes with different numbers of cabinets – usually one to three. They also can be stationary or mobile. When purchasing, consider the functionality and viability of mobile versus stationary blanket warmers and fluid warmers.

However, these devices serve more than the above practical purpose. Warming and drying storage cabinets, warming cabinets and blanket warmers offer several other benefits. They:

Help prevent surgical sites infection (SSI)
Act as a preventive measure against hypothermia
Improve patient care
Offer comfort
Increase a sense of internal as well as external warmth
Help the bodies absorb fluids more quickly (fluid warmers)

Overall, these devices are conducive to improving patient health during their hospital stay. With advances in technology, e.g., digital touchscreen capabilities, this equipment is only going to improve over time.

Warming Cabinets

A warm blanket may seem such a small thing, but it is part of a holistic approach to keeping patients healthy. Warming cabinets are important devices integral to maintaining standards of health that encompass the emotional as well as the physical. Whether it is a fluid or a blanket, fluid/blanket warmers are providing medical personnel with more tools to obtain positive outcomes.

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