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Patient Gowns & Hospital Wear

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Patient and Hospital Gowns: Balancing Sustainability and Infection Control

There is a growing demand for improving sustainability within the hospital and other medical facilities. A key component of this may be in patient and hospital gowns. How can a gown play a role in how sustainable an organization is?

Sustainability Is a Concern!

A study published by the National Institutes of Health in 2012 found that there is a need for more sustainability and each medical facility needs to find a unique balance in reusable and disposable medical clothing including patient and hospital gowns. Products need to remain safe to use, provide ample comfort and still ensure they are eco-friendly. It’s a complex process balancing each of these demands.

Cloth Gowns Aren’t All the Same!

However, these products also need to be highly functional for the unique environment they will be used in. Patient and hospital gowns for your medical facility or hospital need to have the features. Here are a few vital needs when selecting these gowns.

* They need to be made of a comfortable material. That material should be something like cotton that is less likely to cause irritation or discomfort for the user.
* They need to be loose fitting to accommodate surgical sites or injuries.
* They need to be easy to put on and take off.

Cloth gowns are the most common option. You can choose between a variety of closure styles, such as those that tie with two pulls or those that use a hook and loop. You can choose various sleeve lengths and gown lengths as well. When buying patient and hospital gowns, also consider the way in which the patient will use them.

* Do you need a telemetry pocket on them for heart patients?
* What age and size are your patients and how do the gowns fit those needs?
* Will the patient need to have special tests, such as mammograms that may require unique access?

As you shop for the options in patient and hospital gowns, recognize the importance of buying a quality product. You’ll want something that lasts, of course. But you also want to choose hospital and patient gowns that are inexpensive enough that you don’t mind tossing them out when they become worn and uncomfortable. Buying a product that offers numerous options can help you to get the right gown for anyone who comes into your location.

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