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Instrument Tables & Stands

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Mayo Instrument Stands are Always Ready for Medical Duty
Mayo stands and instrument tables are designed to hold a variety of medical equipment and supplies. Many Mayo instrument stands have a unique u-shaped base, while stainless steel instrument tables with shelves are designed for heavy duty service day-in and day-out. There is a configuration available to meet all requirements.

Ubiquitous Medical Stands Meet All Needs

Mayo instrument stands and instrument tables are iconic. Look at a picture of one of the stands or tables, and it is instantly recognized. The reason is that they are all found in most medical facilities that include surgery centers, hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, physician offices, dental offices and nursing offices in schools and other places.

Mayo instrument stands and small mobile instrument tables are used in the facilities just mentioned as well as in homes where home healthcare providers provide patient care services. Stainless steel instrument tables are also found in commercial kitchens in hospitals and businesses.

Ready to Go to Work

Mayo instrument stands offer a number of features that add convenience to the patient setting. Options include one or two poles and a u-shaped base for stability. The u-shape enables the surgeon or other medical personnel to push the tray table under the patient’s bed so the tray holding instruments or supplies is positioned close to the patient and the medical personnel performing procedures.

Features of the Mayo instrument stands include one or more of the following:

Available with u-shaped or five-leg base
Removable stainless steel tray
Adjustable height – manual or foot pedal adjustment
Swivel casters for easy placement
Single or double post
Chrome and/o stainless steel construction

The familiar two-shelf instrument tables on wheels come in different sizes from a small version that fits where space is limited to long tables over 5-feet in length. They are all constructed to be strong and durable. Both Mayo instrument stands and instrument tables are easy to clean and sanitize.

Check the Details

To select the ideal Mayo instrument stands and instrument tables consider details like the space available, maximum load bearing capacity, and manufacturer’s warranty. There are suitable styles to fit every need.

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