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3D Human Anatomy Models

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Choosing The Best 3D Anatomy Models

As the individual responsible for buying 3D anatomy models for a medical office, health care center, medical research facility, school, or educational department, it can be a bit overwhelming to decide which option is the best. In fact, depending on the specific use of the model, any or all of the options that you find may be just what you are looking for. In general, there are a few guidelines for buying that are universal when selecting 3D anatomy models for any application. Following these simple guidelines will ensure that the model you choose will be ideal for your requirements.

3D anatomy models come in a variety of sizes. They may be to scale, or a complete and accurate reproduction of an actual part of the human body, or they can be larger or smaller in dimensions. Typically the smaller anatomy models are designed to be entire body parts such as the head, shoulder, pelvis or spine. By making the model slightly smaller it is more practical to display, move and use. Likewise very small organs or parts of the body may be enlarged in 3D anatomy models to make them more evident and easier to work with. Typically enlarged models will include the human eye, ear, nose and throat, circulatory system, digestive system components and the heart and lungs. In addition the brain may also be oversized to allow easy access to the smaller brain stem area as well as the different parts of the brain.

3D anatomy models can be very lifelike in their appearance besides just in their size. They can be relatively accurate in their colors and textures or they can be more stylized and clearly defined using color coding. Typically color coding is associated with the more complex and detailed models that are idea for advanced levels of students, researchers and use within specialized offices and clinics. Lifelike colors are often best for younger students and simple models that are used in general offices and for explanation of procedures to patients and their families.

The detailed components of 3D anatomy models are always designed to be accurate and lifelike. Purchasing from a reputable, established medical model company ensures that you will get the accuracy that you need. Models are graded as to their quality which ranges from a basic representation, a fourth level quality grade, to a highly detailed model that includes very specific features, considered a first level quality. The more specific your requirements will be to demonstrate or show fine details of the body part or anatomical model the higher the quality grade on the model should be. Typically researchers and medical students require the top grade of models, which are also the most costly.

For most inventory control managers the cost of 3D anatomy models is also a major consideration. While you do want to stay with the best possible quality you also have to stay within your budget. The good news is that online stores and comparing prices really can help you get the best possible model for the lowest possible price.

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