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Popular Cardio Equipment

Few people claim cardio is fun. At home or in the gym, however, people consistently are on the machines that promote a healthy heart. Cardio equipment is popular, but some machines rank higher than others when it comes to rehabilitation.

Popular Cardio Equipment

When it comes to improving heart health, physiotherapists often recommend various degrees of workouts. This equipment can effectively and efficiently produce cardiovascular benefits. While some specialists may favor using various types of ab exercise equipment, the most common and popular forms of cardio exercise machinery are the following:

Elliptical Trainers: Of the many different types of cardiovascular equipment available, this is one people either love or hate. While studies do it indicate its capabilities to be on par as those of treadmills, certain factors do not make them ideal for people who are either tall or short to use.
Exercise Bicycles: The effectiveness of these pieces of equipment depends upon the type of bike. Generally, all are highly functional and can help to improve cardiovascular strength.
Stair Climbers: These can offer incredible cardiovascular workouts. In addition, it improves glutes and calves.
Treadmills: One piece of cardiovascular equipment most people describe as highly effective is the treadmill.  They are easy to use, provide a wide range of movement, allowing you to walk away to happier heart health.

Cardio Equipment- Choosing What Is Right for You

If you must use cardio equipment to improve your heart health, consult your physiotherapists as well as a personal trainer. Both invested parties can work with you to ensure your workout is fun, safe and productive. They can help you make an informed decision, deciding whether an elliptical trainer is better for you than treadmills or stair climbers. By listening to their advice, you can put together a cardio exercise program that will help you achieve the goals you have set.

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