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Needle Holders

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Needle Holders Enable Better Grip and Control of Suture Needles
Needle holders are essential medical instruments in and out of the operating room. Designed to securely hold needles for suturing, they offer a secure grip on the needle which improves patient safety and hygiene, and medical procedure efficiency.

Match the Needle Holders to the Procedures

There is a large variety of needle holders available to support physician preferences for jaw configurations and comfortable size, and to allow for high performance during particular medical procedures. For example, the smooth and straight jaws are often selected for plastic surgery operations that require the use of small needle and thin sutures.

Needle holders with serrated jaws are a preferred choice when heavier sutures are used and a firmer grip is needed to perform procedures like tendon repairs. Another option is to use tungsten-carbide inserts that slip over smooth needle holder jaws. The tungsten-carbide inserts add a stronger grip and more control on small to medium sized needles but with a less chance of damaging the sutures.

Range of Lengths and Jaws

There are many variations of needle holder jaws in the marketplace today. They include:

Stubby jaws
Straight jaws
Curved jaws
Narrow jaws
Wider jaws
Heavy jaws
Smooth jaws
Serrated jaws
Hook tip jaws

Ring handles are mostly used to open and close the jaws on the needle holders. Another common handle style is the plier grip that curves toward the center at the bottom of the handle. The plier grip needle holders have a ratcheting locking mechanism. The needle holders are available with built-in scissors and as right or left-hand styles.

From Standard to Specialized Needle Holders

Some of the most recognizable names in needle holders are Mayo-Hegar and Olsen-Hegar. However, there are numerous other excellent choices for both OR and floor grade needle holders made of different materials like tungsten carbide and stainless steel. Needle holders are also available in a variety of lengths.

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