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Surgical Punches

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Surgical Punches Enhance Patient Safety
Many surgical procedures require special medical instruments in order to do the job efficiently and with the least trauma to the patient. Surgical punches were designed to simplify the collection of biopsy samples and the dissection or removal of tonsils. Though these two medical procedures are common, they are also delicate operations. Surgeons and physicians know that using a high quality dermal punch or tonsil punch is important to the accuracy of the medical procedure and the health and safety of the patient.

Dermal punches have a solid handle with a circular punch tip. The tips are made in different sizes so physicians can choose the size of the biopsy obtained. Punch sets are available that include the handheld instrument and a set of varying sizes of punch tips, or just the tips. Made from stainless steel, the surgical biopsy punch is a reusable piece of equipment that will work well through numerous procedures. Also included in the dermal punches category is the sterile skin staple remover.

The tonsil punch category offers several different types of surgical punches. The tonsil punch forceps have a long shaft for reaching the tonsils and finger rings for easy handling. Used to remove diseased, inflamed or infected tonsils, the tonsil punch forceps are made in various punch sizes. Also in this category is the adenotome that is used for adenoidectomy surgery. The adenotome has a small box to capture adenoid tissue so the surgeon knows all the desired tissue is removed. It too comes in different sizes to accommodate infants, children and adults. The tonsil dissector and pillar retractor has a double-ended design. One end is a rounded dissecting tool, and the other end has a smoother retractor tip. This tool is also used for tonsillectomies but is useful for other oral surgeries.

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