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Scalpels & Surgical Knives

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Scalpels and Surgical Knives for Precision Medical Procedures?
Hippocrates first described the surgical knife, calling it a macairion, and today the general shape of the scalpel remains the same. Modern scalpel blades and handles are made of better materials, and are available in modified shapes to accommodate different types of surgeries.

Scalpel Blades to Simplify Medical Procedures

Since the days of Hippocrates, scalpels have consisted of a handle with a blade at the end. What has changed is the availability of different types of scalpels and surgical blades and knives, and custom-shaped handles for surgeries and other medical procedures involving:

Nasal passages
General surgery

The different handle shapes have two main purposes. One is to hold the right size of surgical blades. The other is to comfortably fit the medical professionals hand while providing a sure grip to minimize the chances of slippage or injury.

Understanding the Options and Specifications

Selecting the right scalpel handle and surgical blades is important. Features to consider include:

Blade size – blade sizes range from the no. 10 blade, generally used for making small incision in skin and muscle, to no. 25 blade, a large blade with a back edge that is sharply angled and makes large cuts
Blade type – feather blades or standard blades
Blade usage – disposable or reusable and sterile vs. non-sterile
Blade material – carbon or stainless steel
Blade shape – straight, curved, modified edges
Procedure – scalpel blades serve many purposes that include making small to large cuts, cutting stitches, removing bandages, gouging, etc.
Handle type – some handles can hold different sizes of blades while others hold one size; handles are available as smooth, flat, rounded, thin (for procedures involving ears, tonsils and nose), large circumference, etc.
Handle grade – various grades include economy grade, mid-grade and surgical grade
Other handle features – some additional features include a serrated section for gripping and swivel blade holder

Handles and Blades for Every Purpose

Scalpel blades are used in hospitals and most other types of medical facilities, veterinary surgical centers, emergency units like paramedical services, autopsy facilities and medical and science laboratories. Medical Suppliers & Equipment Company offers a large variety of scalpel blades, surgical blades, surgical knives and holders to accommodate most needs.

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