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Orthopedic Instruments

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Orthopedic Surgical Instruments for Challenging Procedures
The importance of using high quality orthopedic instruments cannot be overstated. The medical instruments used for bone surgery and bone treatment include the bone hammer and mallet, chisel (including a periostome), file, saw and osteotome. These medical instruments get heavy duty use during surgical procedures. The instruments need to be of the highest quality, meaning they are reliable and durable. The surgeon must have confidence the orthopedic surgical instrument will perform as needed to provide excellent patient care.

There is a large variety of orthopedic surgical tools, and each instrument is designed to do a particular job. The bone chisels and gouges include single and double-headed styles. The double-headed style enables the surgeon to perform multiple maneuvers with a single instrument. Chisels are designed as gougers and skids, and also pattern tools. Bone files are designed with straight and curved blades, and straight or bayonet-style ferrules that attach to the handle. Osteotomes, used to cut bone, resemble chisels with the main difference being the head is beveled on both sides, while the chisel is beveled on one side.

The bone hammer and mallet are available in different sizes and weights to accommodate adult and pediatric patients. Materials include solid stainless steel or chrome, and lead-filled head with a stainless jacket. There are heavyweight, mid-weight and lightweight hammers and mallets, and hammer and mallet heads are available in a wide range of sizes.

Orthopedic surgical instruments also include bone saws. There are different sizes available for cutting varying bone sizes. Made with stainless steel or chrome plate, there are loop style handles with straight blades and t-shaped saws that are turnable. Twisted wire saws are made of flexible wires twisted together to create more than one type of cutting surface. The wire is attached to a handle. It is a single use surgical tool.

There is an orthopedic surgical instrument for every type of bone cutting and chiseling procedure. Customers who have questions are encouraged to call MSEC at 1-877-706-4480 to get more information.

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