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Surgical Gowns

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Surgical Gowns: Balancing Patient Safety and Caregiver Risk.

Whether you are a surgeon or a representative purchasing surgical gowns for your facility, it’s important to invest in quality. These gowns can be one of the biggest concerns that surgeons have when they enter the surgical suite. There are many products on the market, but not all offer the same benefits to caregivers wearing them or patients who need the safest possible environment.

Minimizing Infectious Spread Is the First Priority!

Every year, 3.9 million people visit hospitals with infectious diseases or parasitic diseases, according to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention. That’s an important number because it shows just how worrisome infectious control can be within the hospital environment especially in areas of surgery. At the end of the day it is essential to provide caregivers including surgeons with proper gowns. Patients expect to have ailments treated while leaving these high-risk environments without additional risks and infections. To achieve this balance, the proper surgical gowns are necessary.

Functionality Is Essential!

Perhaps the most important component of any surgical gown is how well it works in terms of functionality. These gowns have the job of protecting the surgeon or those wearing them from the fluids and tissues within a surgery or in any situation in which exposure is possible. However, it is very common for doctors to find themselves unable to gain this important level of protection because their gown is ineffective.

For example, some products use blockade fabric that’s made up of as much as 99 percent polyester. This creates a quality barrier between the doctor’s clothing and the patient’s fluid. A highly fluid resistant product is very important, but there is another concern.

That is, of course, movement and fit. Surgical gowns commonly offer either a good fit that’s comfortable to move and work in or they can be highly protective. However, some products are better capable of meeting both needs and that’s important. You’ll want to choose surgical gowns that offer key benefits such as:

* Offering outstanding blocking and fluid resistance
* Providing good fit and movement for your doctors
* Being breathable especially for long procedures

When comparing products, look at the length of the gown and the size options. Also, consider products based on the type of materials used within the construction. It is generally a good idea to look for a surgical gown that can provide the highest level of protection for the doctors wearing them. Don’t settle for an inferior product because the price may be lower. This will cost you significantly in the long-term instead.

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