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Uterine and Vaginal Dilators for Customized Medical Care
Uterine dilators are common medical devices used for a variety of medical procedures like hysterectomies, dilation & curettage, biopsy, birth of a baby and other gynecological surgery and exam events where vaginal dilation is required. Using the proper size dilator is important for the comfort of the patient and for the delivery of customized medical procedures. Dilators are available in various sizes so the physician can match the dilator to the woman’s needs.

High Quality Name Brands

The top brand names in uterine dilators are Hank, Hegar, and Pratt. The vaginal dilators from these leaders in medical equipment are available as:

Double end probes with rings on each end to prevent over-insertion
Double end probes with single ring in the middle
Stainless steel material that can be sterilized
Different diameters to accommodate the patient’s size and physician’s needs
A set with increasing dilator sizes or as single instruments

The uterine dilators have slight curves at each end from the center. The probe is smooth, solid and designed to give the healthcare professional a good grip on the instrument. They are reusable because they can be sterilized.

Goodell makes a uterine dilator that is used for fixed dilation of the uterus. A screw can be tightened to keep the dilator open after insertion, freeing up the physician’s hand to perform other medical procedures.

Practical Wherever Used

Sometimes, especially when a woman has not had children, is in post-menopause, or has been treated for cancer, the vagina is narrow, less elastic or constricted from scar tissue. Beginning with a small dilator, the vagina can carefully be widened by using dilators that increase in size. This is a process a woman normally does at home because it is a gradual process. Physicians can help a woman choose the right sizes of dilators for home use.

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