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Medical Waste Disposal Products

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Removing Hazardous Material Safely: Sharps and Medical Waste Containers

Hospitals and labs generate a substantial amount of non-environmentally friendly waste. Because of the nature of the material, it is not possible to simply place them in standard containers. They require specialized medical waste disposal products. One common form these products take within hospitals where needles and other piercing instruments are in use daily describes the intent. These are sharps containers.

Defining Sharps Disposal Containers

Sharps disposal containers serve a singular purpose. Their design is such as to ensure the safe storage and disposal of instruments referred to as “sharps.” Sharps denotes specific hazardous instruments lab technicians, and other medical professionals use to “pierce.” Most commonly the term sharps are synonymous with needles of various types. These include:

Auto injectors
Catheter needles
Connection needles/sets
Infusion sets
Medical needles

Overall, the term embraces any single-use device that is both sharp and capable of puncturing or otherwise injuring any individual. However, the intent of a sharps disposal container is not only to prevent bodily harm through puncturing by a sharp. It is also to reduce or eliminate the chance of spreading disease or infection.

Features To Expect In Sharps Containers

Certain characteristics or qualities are essential to all sharps disposal containers no matter what size. They:
Must be resistant to puncture
Possess a lock
Have a lid of translucent plastic allowing easy identification of content levels

Sharps disposal containers are often available in easy-to-identify colors.

Proper Disposal of Sharps Containers

Distributors and manufacturers of sharps containers come with a capacity level. However, it is never a wise thing to allow the sharp disposal container to become full. Be sure to dispose of it at the ¾ full level. This will reduce the risk of physical harm stemming to medical staff, custodians and waste disposal personnel from overflowing needles bursting out of the container.

For All Other Medical Waste: Biohazard Bags, Waste Receptacles and More!

Medical facilities produce many kinds of waste. There are several options in disposing of those. Biohazard bags are common in the medical facility. These bags are clearly labeled with biohazard warnings commonly in both English and Spanish. They are constructed of high performance materials rated in Microns. Bedside Emesis bags are designed to aid sick or immobile patients. Just in case of accidental spills and leaks, you can use liquid waste solidifiers. These are designed to absorb spilled liquids for easy cleaning.

All in all, there is never a reason to fall short in the category of medical waste disposal products.

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