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Physical Therapy Equipment

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Types Of Common Physical Therapy Equipment

The goal of physical therapy is to improve the physical capabilities of patients. For some, it is improving the range of motion; others are trying to recover lost strength and rebuild muscle mass. This requires the help of a physiotherapist. She or he, in turn, will utilize a variety of physical therapy equipment to help patients reach their goals.

Basic Types of Equipment

In an average treatment day, physiotherapists draw on different types of equipment to address diverse needs. Among the most basic types commonly found in a physiotherapist’s facility are the following:

Mat Tables and Platform Tables: This equipment offers treatment options for those needing to perform floor-type exercises at an elevated height.
Parallel Bars: Excellent means for stretching limbs
Posture Mirrors: These provide visual feedback
Rehab Work Tables: Such treatment tables are never optional. Whether high, low or tilting, they allow physiotherapists to administer treatment effectively while clients remain comfortable and able to rest in one of several possible positions. Treatment tables may be stationary but can also be adjustable. Tilt tables are a variation intended to help patients stretch.
Stall Bars: These help the patient improve his or her range of motion in the shoulders.
Training Stairs: This type of physical therapy equipment can have one or two sides, come in various sizes and be adjustable.
Standing Frames and Tables: These promote vertical weight exercises

The Need for Physical Therapy Equipment

If you are a physical therapist or operate a physiotherapy clinic, it is imperative to have the right equipment. Carefully consider suitable options and compare different brands – applications and reputations. Finally, make sure the pieces of physical therapy equipment are cost-effective.

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