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Medication Carts

Medication Carts Allow for Efficient, Secure Medication Dispensing

The process of dispensing medication in medical or assisted living facilities relies on a set of prespecified protocols. Those medication-dispensing protocols concern: Dosing Labeling Packaging Secure storage Delivery Together, these processes ensure the right patients get the right medications. Medication carts support those drug management processes and enable the smooth, efficient and, most importantly, secure

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Hospital Specialty Carts

Optimize Code Team Efficiency With Medical Crash Carts

Every moment counts for code teams, and medical crash carts ensure your code teams waste no time in resuscitating a patient. Our crash carts are designed for simple, effective organization that’s preferred by: Acute care emergency rooms and hospitals Nursing home facilities Urgent care centers Surgical centers Physician and dental offices Rehab and psych help

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EMS & Ambulance Stretchers

Secure Patients Reliably, Quickly and Safely with EMS and Ambulance Stretchers

Whether it’s an emergency situation or a routine trip to a specialist, medical providers and caregivers need a safe, cost effective and reliable way to transport patients. MSEC’s EMS and ambulance stretchers offer that, along with several stability and usability-enhancing features. Our ambulance and EMS stretchers are built for all types of medical teams, including:

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Emergency Evacuation Chairs

Power Stair Assist Chairs for the Elderly

Stairs are frequently a substantial challenge for the aging, making power assist chairs for the elderly a necessity for both patients and their caregivers. This device is designed to evacuate those unable to safely navigate the stairs during emergency situations such as a fire or power failure, as well as for basic day-to-day use inside

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