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Probes & Grooved Directors

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Probes and Grooved Dilators for Efficient Surgeries
Probes and grooved dilators, along with grooved directors, are medical instruments used to assist surgeons and other healthcare professionals with procedure efficiency, safety and results. The instruments are used in hospitals, outpatient clinics, dentist offices, physician offices and veterinary surgical facilities. Various grooved directors are used as guides for inserting probe devices or stretching orthodontic ligatures. There are a number of specially designed grooved probes and grooved dilators used for probing and gauging specific tissue areas; completing gall balder, urethral and uterine procedures; and stripping veins and tendons.

Some of the instruments in this category are multi-purpose items. For example, the straight shank eye probe with its slightly rounded end with an eye opening, similar to a sewing needle, is used for different procedures. They include gauging cavity depths, investigating lesions, holding ligatures and performing general tissue manipulation. The grooved director with probe tip and tongue tie serves a dual purpose. One end is a probe point, but the other end is flat and shaped like a butterfly for stabilizing the tongue and providing the surgeon a better view.

Other probes are designed for particular procedures, like double-ended sterling silver lacrimal probes used for procedures involving the lacrimal system or for clearing nasolacrimal ducts, or the gall bladder duct probe for probing gall stones. The doubled ended hollow ligature director makes placements of ligature ties on brackets safer and easier in orthodontic procedures. There are also probes specifically styled to access certain organs, like the surgical urethral probes and uterine probes. Vein strippers have a short handle, long rod, and circular jaw at the end of the rod. They make procedures like varicose vein removal simpler, quicker and safe.

There are many options within each category of probes and grooved dilators. Most instruments are available in different sizes and all are high quality.

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