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Hospital Transportation

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Hospital Transportation – Vital For Any Emergency Situation

Wheelchairs and stretchers are used not only in hospitals, but also at railway stations, airports, malls to transfer patients during an emergency. A number of engineers are now applying various ideas to make these products sophisticated so that they can be easily used by the doctors, nursing staff and the patients.

Hospitals often rely on ambulance stretchers. These are used in many emergency situations and it is important to choose the stretchers that are sturdy and reliable. One needs to choose wheelchairs or stretchers that are built using quality materials as they play an important role in any emergency and rescue situation.

Hospitals or other medical facilities can choose:

Hospital Gurneys & Stretchers – Hospitals can choose from regular hydraulic stretchers that are height adjustable. There are also folding transport stretchers to choose from.
Manual Wheelchairs – There are various types of manual wheelchairs one can choose from. There are wheelchairs with wingback arms, wider seats, padded armrests or swing away footrests.
Wheelchair Accessories – If you need an additional accessory for a wheelchair, do not worry. There are various accessories like wheelchair cushions, wheelchair ramps, wheelchair trays, drop seats, gel cushion inserts and more to choose from. Healthcare facilities can also choose from bariatric cushion inserts that are specially made for heavier patients.

So, make sure you choose the best for your patients.

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