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Narcotics & Medicine Cabinets

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Narcotics and Medicine Cabinets: Keeping Contents Secure
Various regulations govern the maintaining of narcotics and medicines on premises. Whatever type of medical facility you operate, it must have in place certain measures to ensure the safety and security of these materials. Installing the right type of narcotics and medicine cabinets is the answer to ensuring the continuance of safe practices.

Types of Storage Facilities for Drugs and Other Medications

Keeping various narcotics and medicines secure from abuse is essential in any medical setting. At the same time, they must be readily available for medical personnel. Remember these qualities when considering the different types of storage facilities. Ask yourself the following questions:

Do I need single or double door narcotics cabinets?
Do I require them for a permanent or fixed environment or for transport?
What size space do I have available? Compare this to the diverse sizes commonly found online.
What contingencies am I trying to protect against? Do I require fire and waterproof safes, or will simple single door narcotics cabinets provide the requisite services?
Should I consider technological options, e.g., digital electronic medication safes or fingerprint narcotic safes?

Also, be sure to examine such aspects of each potential safe or cabinet including:

Specific dimensions
Single or double-locked
Shelving units – adjustable or fixed

Make sure you have the answers to these questions before you decide on a specific model or brand. They will help simplify the selection process, narrowing the many options available online to a more manageable amount.

Narcotics and Medicine Cabinets

Cabinets and safes for storing narcotics and other medicines safely and securely are available in different sizes. Their constructions are suitable as low and high tech solutions to security issues. Purchasing those with adherence to strict security measures will ensure your narcotics and medicine cabinets will retain drugs of all types under close and tight safeguarding.

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