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Instrument Stringers

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Instrument Stringers Simplify Medical Tool Cleaning
Surgical and other medical tools need decontamination after use which is why reusable tools are made out of stainless steel. However, successful sterilization depends on the steam reaching every nook and cranny of the instruments. The instrument stringer is an innovative tool that makes the sterilization process easier and more successful.

Simple Tool for a Critical Task

Instrument stringers are simple tools that make what could be a laborious process much simpler. Imagine having to breakdown, soak and hand clean each surgical instrument after use and still not have the assurance the medical tool is thoroughly cleaned. Sterilization equipment provides the water and steam at the right temperature for medical tool decontamination. However, unless all the surfaces of hinged equipment loaded into the unit are exposed during the sterilization process, surgical instruments like scissors can have contaminated spots even after going through a sterilizer. Instrument stringers enable hinged tools and tools with round tips or grips to be strung in an open position on a stainless steel rod and loaded into the sterilizer.

Different Styles for Different Surgical Tools

Instruments stringers are available in different sizes and shapes to accommodate the size of instruments and the size of the sterilizing unit. There is also a variety of locking mechanisms.

Shape – U-shape, single straight rod (i.e. forceps stringer), instrument rack (flat tray with pins enabling instruments to be loaded on top of each other)
Length – 8 inches and up
Width from rod to rod (U-shape) – 2.5 to 5.5 inches
Locking system – center lock, hook lock, pin lock, latch lock, spring lock

Also available are instrument stringers in the hairpin style. They are u-shaped and open (no locking system) on one end.

Cleaning and Storage

Instrument stringers are also used to keep medical tools organized when not in use. They are a popular item found in any facility where medical tools are used, becoming one of the most practical pieces of equipment for medical personnel.

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