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Functional Rehab and Athletic Tables

Rehab and athletic tables are used in rehab clinics as well as in various medical facilities to provide treatment and care to patients who are recovering from a serious injury or illness. The rehab and athletic tables are durable and are of high quality and are the most preferred by physical therapists. A number of rehab equipment is used in physical and occupation therapy by both hospitals and clinics.

Rehab work tables and Athletic taping tables

These tables are used as a part of treatment and for taping in physical therapy settings, hospitals, medical clinics and in medical colleges. There are various types of these tables and one can choose from flat tables or adjustable tables where the elevation of the head or the foot can be adjusted. Some of the models are made to accommodate just one patient at a time or there are others that can handle multiple patients at the same time. Most of these taping tables also come with cabinets or drawers for easy storage of taping and athletic supplies.

Clinics and hospitals can also choose from hand therapy tables that are well equipped with four leveling legs. There is also a Horseshoe therapy table that can help a therapist assist about 3-4 patients simultaneously at the same time. As it is a u-shaped table, it can easily accommodate up to four wheelchair patients.

There are also Athletic tables and stations to choose from. Simple wide bench type models are available, the more advanced ones can be converted into a treatment table with ease and also include cabinets for easy access.

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