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Laryngeal and ENT Instruments Give Clear View
One of the many challenges that surgeons must overcome is getting a clear view and unobstructed access to narrow passages like the larynx. Specialty laryngeal and ENT instruments overcome that challenge by enabling visualization and manipulation of the larynx and vocal cords, usually for intubation with the least amount of risk and stress to the patient.

Stainless Steel Construction Offers Many Advantages

Surgeons who need to insert an endotracheal or gastric tube, or a transesophageal echocardiogram probe, use laryngeal and ENT instruments to move vocal cords or the epiglottis out of the way during insertion. They laryngoscope consists of a handle into which the right size of blades is inserted. The set of high quality laryngeal instruments offer features like the following:

Stainless steel construction for easier cleaning and sterilization
Light source
Different handle sizes to accommodate different blade sizes
Durability and reliability
OR grade quality
Enables precise control by the surgeon
Replaceable bulbs and batteries

Different Sizes for Different Sized People

The laryngeal and ENT instruments are available in different handle and blade lengths and blade shapes. The preferred handle size depends on the choice of blades that best fit the patient’s size, ranging from infant (including preemie) to an extra-large adult. The laryngoscope blades are:

Stainless steel so can be autoclaved
Curved or straight
Sized to fit different patients – preemie, infant, medium adult, large adult, extra-large adult
Conventional or fiber optic flexible

Only Using High Quality Medical Instruments is Important

Laryngeal and ENT instruments are used primarily in hospitals and specialty clinics. Handles and blades are sold separately or can be purchased as sets with multiple blades. Accessories are also available, like the surgical stainless steel laryngeal mirrors which also come in different sizes. The most important point to remember when selecting medical instruments from any vendor is to choose reliable brands offering high quality construction and reliability.

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