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Food Service Carts & Food Warmers

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Why are Food Service Carts Necessary?

Food service carts are a necessity in the day to day operations in a facility that offers food services. These carts can be used in hospital cafeterias where food is served to patients, doctors, and interns, as well as visitors. Other than serving the food in the cafeteria, food needs to be served to the patient’s rooms as well. With the help of food service carts, these tasks can be fulfilled with ease.

Choosing a cart with specific options that cater to your needs is necessary. Some of the food service carts you can choose from are:

Catering Carts: Catering carts or meal delivery carts are light in weight and thus is easy to handle. Catering carts come in a variety of tray and shelf combinations. Large volume catering carts can hold 10 to 20 trays.

Commercial Food Warmers: The tabletop warming units are ideal to use in smaller spaces.

Ice Caddies & Carts: The ice carts come included with an insulated cooler which can hold up to 36 quarts.

Kitchen Utility Carts: Kitchen utility carts are available as one, two or three drawers. If you are looking for a commercial grade cart, multipurpose stainless-steel carts are a good choice.

Multi-Shelf Food Service Carts: The multi-shelf food carts are used for continuous transporting of various items at the same time. These are not only easy to use but can be sanitized easily too.

Make sure to select a food cart that has the options that will fulfill the catering needs of your healthcare facility.

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