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Stainless Medical Storage Jars are Offense Against Infection
Stainless medical storage jars and containers are staple items in every medical setting. They are manufactured in different sizes and some have lids. They all have one thing in common which is the ability to help medical personnel reduce the chances of infection from improperly stored items or contaminated items like wound dressings.

Features that Make Jars and Containers Practical

The stainless medical storage jars and storage containers come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate specific purposes that include but are not limited to:

Sterile dressing storage and transportation
Sterile solutions storage or contaminated solutions disposal
Soaking sponges in a solution
Holding sterile medical supplies throughout a facility
Storing specific sterile supplies in the operating room

The sponge bowls have rounded sides to easily fit in the physician, surgeon, or other medical professional’s hand. Flat bottoms on jars and containers provide stability when set on a surface. Pail handles make it easy to carry the containers, and flint glass and clear plastic jars provide a clear view of the contents.

Staple Supplies for Everyday Medical Use

The stainless medical storage jars and containers are the kind of products people take for granted because they are so useful. They are found in every type of medical setting and are used on a daily basis. For example, the rooms in doctor offices almost always have clear flint glass jars that are imprinted with common names of supplies like cotton and tongue depressors.

Large stainless steel storage containers with covers are found in nursing homes where bandages or wrappings are regularly changed. Operating rooms have sponge bowls handy, and clinics keep a supply of dressing jars. The smaller stainless steel measuring beakers and containers are ideal for home health care too because they resist contamination. Hospitals are likely to have almost every type of jar and container in use.

Stainless Medical Storage Jars

The medical grade products made of stainless steel can be autoclaved, making them reusable. The many different types of stainless medical storage jars means there are sizes and configurations available to fight infection wherever patient care is taking place.

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