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Surgery Clamps

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Surgical Clamps for Surgical Precision
Surgical clops and clamps come in many shapes and lengths, reflecting their broad range of use. The specialty surgical clamps category includes a set of manual items that are some of the most commonly used medical equipment. Since clamps are used for compression and to stop blood flow, they are essential equipment for hospitals and clinics, but they are also used by physician offices and emergency medical services that include ambulance services.

Surgery clamps include bone clamps, cardiovascular clamps, cartilage clamps, circumcision clamps, payr pylorous clamps (for bowel surgery), pediatric clamps, rectal clamps and urological clamps. There are also towel clamps that are used for picking up, securing, and/or connecting towels in a sterile manner, or picking up tissues. Some towel clamps can be used to affix drapes to the skin of patients who under anesthesia without causing occlusion. Bull dog clamps are yet another set of surgical clamps. The vascular clamps are used to stop blood flow to an organ, like the heart. There are numerous styles of bull dog clamps that are straight or curved. The bull dog clamps also have various jaw sizes.

Every category of surgical clips and clamps include different instrument styles suitable for specific purposes. The styles are quite different. For example, a bone clamp has a band that can be tightened. The vascular clamps are available with different curved-shaped blunt ends for encircling veins and arteries and have eye handles. Specialized clamp styles, like the penis clamp and umbilical cord clamp, are designed for specific types of surgical procedures. All surgical clips and clamps are high quality surgical tools that simplify procedures while enhancing patient well-being.

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