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Therapeutic Devices

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Use Therapeutic Products for Successful Treatment

With the constant forward progression of medical science, there is equipment available for every stage of a patient’s treatment. With the use of superior quality and safe equipment, physicians can treat their patients with utmost care, helping them to a speedy recovery.

Medical facilities can now choose from a wide range of Therapeutic Ultrasound Applicators, Machines and Accessories that are sure to accommodate any facility’s needs. The machines and applicators are not only easy to use and built using the latest technology, but are also affordable.
One of the best products available is the Sonicator 740 Therapeutic Ultrasound that has a 5 cm dual frequency applicator. This machine is light weight and portable. The ultrasound machine has a unique crystal to patient technology that helps deliver the ultrasound to the patient without the interference of any metal. Other units available include the Sonicator Plus 930 Combination Therapy Unit and the Sonicator Plus 992 Combination Ultrasound Therapy. These also come with the water tight feature making it perfect for underwater therapies.

Other than ultrasound machines, there is a wide range of applicators and accessories. Some of them are:

Therapy System Transportable Carry Bags
Transport Battery Pack
Ultrasound Applicators
Sonicator Pencil Style Ultrasound Applicator
Sound Head Applicator and many more.

With the wide selection of accessories and applicators available, hospitals or clinics can choose one based on their requirement.

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