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A Closer Look at Options for Waiting Room Chairs

A doctor's front office space is the first experience that the patient has with the practice. Setting the right tone and image through the use of reception room décor and styles says a lot to the patient about your style, what you value and the type of office that you operate. There is also a practical aspect to choosing the right waiting room chairs to send a message to your patients, and it all starts with knowing what options are out there.


To set a business like appearance side chairs with arms are a very versatile and practical option. These chairs are ideal for any room in the practice including the exam rooms, front office or in patient consultation rooms. By using this style of chair you can have the same furnishings throughout each room of the office or facility, creating a very uniform and coordinated décor. These chairs are come with a black frame that is stylish in design combined with an upholstery color of your choice. The colors of upholstery range from muted colors such as black, gray and neutral shades through to distinctive colors such as wedgewood, purple and emerald.


Waiting room chairs can also come without arms, which is ideal for a variety of different rooms including examination rooms and consultation rooms. They are also easy to stack should they be needed for larger groups or storage for meetings, discussions and team consultations. Chairs with similar frames, colors and upholstery can be a combination of both models with arms and without arms, allowing you to structure your waiting room, reception areas and patient rooms with the options that are best suited for the size available.


A more luxurious option in waiting room chairs includes the wingback chairs which are similar to chairs you may find in anyone's living room. These chairs are perfect for patients with neck, back or mobility problems or those that require a firmer, taller chair. The fabric on these types of waiting room chairs is flame retardant as well as mildew resistant and can be easily cleaned as needed. The frame is made from hardwood and can be a variety of different types of wood finishes from light oak to dark mahogany.


MRI compatible chairs are in a high back wing chair style, high back or low back style are all idea for patient comfort as well as durability and practicality. These chairs do require more space than the side chair options but they are also much more comfortable and relaxing for many patients. They are very stylish and are perfect as waiting room chairs for specializations as well as general practice offices.


Choosing the right type of waiting room chairs is not as difficult as it may seem, but you do have to know the style and impression you wish to create with your patients. Using a uniform style throughout the office, waiting room and consultation rooms provides a coordinated impression. Waiting room chairs can also be mixed and matched, especially if you can choose the same upholstery and frame colors.

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