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Ambulance Stretchers for All Emergency Situations

All first responders, may they be EMTs, paramedics, or other similar medical personnel, know the importance of having dependable ambulance stretchers.  Ambulance stretchers serve many purposes in emergency situations and having ambulance stretchers that are sturdy, reliable, and built with high quality construction and materials are absolutely vital to the success of any rescue and emergency situation.  At Medical Supplies and Equipment Company, there is wide selection of ambulance stretchers, including other categorical stretchers for other applications, to choose from.  After browsing our on-line catalog of ambulance stretchers, simply contact our expert customer service department to place your order or ask questions about any product you see in our inventory.


Stretchers are medical transport devices that have been used since ancient times to move casualties or injured people from one place to another.  It is a simple type of litter and, in some cases, still referred to by that name.  Though difficult to pinpoint exactly who invented the stretcher, or when it was first used, it is known that the use of stretchers were widely used on battlefields and in emergency situations, where rough terrain hindered travel by wheeled vehicles.  Stretchers have always served to protect a person from further injury during transportation as well as to ease the burden on the people carrying the stretcher itself, as opposed to carrying the injured person without assistance at all.


The modern ambulance stretcher has wheels that make transportation much easier, regardless of the terrain.  An ambulance stretcher is basically a type of hospital gurney, or a narrow bed, on a wheeled frame that is typically adjustable in height.  They are usually collapsible as well.  Ambulance stretchers may also have a lock inside the ambulance that serves to secure the injured person during transport.  They may also have or utilize straps to secure the patient or to prevent the patient from moving and thereby aggravating any wounds.  The key value of these stretchers is to prevent further injury and facilitate safe movement of the patient onto a fixed hospital bed or examination table upon arrival at the emergency room. 


Though ambulance stretchers are irreplaceable items utilized for the safe and secure transportation of patients, Medical Supplies and Equipment Company has a vast array of other modes of patient transportation to choose from in our Hospital Gurneys & Stretchers lines:


Whatever your necessities are for ambulance stretchers, gurneys, and other items that assist in patient transportation, Medical Supplies and Equipment Company will provide you with the finest products available on the market today.  After browsing our on-line catalogue, we invite you to call us toll-free at 1-877-706-4480 if you have questions or need assistance.  Our medical equipment specialists are standing by to help you.

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