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Anatomical Skull Models For Teaching And Study

When looking for anatomical skull models for classroom work or even for displaying information for patients in an easy to understand way it is important to keep several considerations in mind. The first and most important is the exact purpose of the anatomical skull models you are considering so you ensure the correct level of detail and specification within the model itself.


Most anatomical skull models are going to be life sized, based on the average skull of an adult. However, there are specialized anatomical skull models that are created to simulate a fetal skull or an infant skull at various developmental stages. In most medical offices, depending on the specialization, one or all of the sizes and varieties of anatomical skull models may be both necessary as well as helpful. Since many patients have difficulty with medical terminology, the skull models can provide the visual aids to developing a good understanding of what the medical professional is discussing.


Typically the anatomical skull models used in a physician's office don't need to be as detailed as the ones used in teaching classrooms. There are many, many different options for skulls for medical classes as well as general science classrooms. One of the more popular options includes the transparent anatomical skull models. These models allow one side of the skull to appear very natural, but the other side is clear plastic, providing an insight into the inner parts and sections of the skull. These types of skulls are ideal for teaching students to determine where specific brain areas are located in relation to the outside of the skull. Traditional sectional skull models can also be used for this type of teaching, but to see to each part the respective outer section has to be removed. Transparent skulls also show clearly the dental structure as well as the jaw movement, making them an essential part of dental school models as well.


For a detailed study of the bone structure of the human skull didactic anatomical skulls models that can be complete disassembled into the various bones and structures in the skull and then reassembled is a great study option. These skulls may have each individual section or bony structure color coded for easy identification and proven help with learning and study. These skulls are very durable and are held together by small connectors that are permanently mounted to each section of the skull.


Especially designed for dental students, life sized human skulls with fully extractable teeth are ideal for studying the interaction of the teeth, jawbone and the various issues that can develop with impacted wisdom teeth and other dental health issues. Most of these skulls have a removable flap on the jawbone, allowing students to study the teeth as they would be normally positioned in the mouth in addition to each tooth as it is extracted.


Finding just the right anatomical skull models for your teaching or patient care needs isn't difficult with the vast number of options. There are models that are mounted to the spine, showing the cervical area complete with nerves, or there are models that are simply the skull, ideal for students of all ages.


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