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Anesthesia Associates

Physicians at times will require that a patient be anesthetized for a surgical procedure or treatment. It will be imperative to have the proper equipment, and that that equipment is reliable.  Anesthesia Associates is a major supplier of anesthesia supplies and equipment. They not only sell reusable supplies, but they also service them as well. Anesthesia Associates has everything a practitioner might need for sedating the patient, such as pressure manometers, CO2 absorbers, scavenging valves, and pop-off valves as well as face masks in a variety of sizes and forms.


Anesthesia Associates face masks come in several sizes and style options. It is important to have a properly fitting face mask. If the mask is too large, the gas will leak out the sides, and if it is too small, it will not fit over the patient's nose and mouth fully. This will result in escaping of the gas as well. To ensure that the patient is fully sedated during treatment, he must have the full dosage of anesthesia administered to him. Since Anesthesia Associates products are reusable, the face mask should be checked prior to use to verify that the piece itself is free of cracks and leaks. This preventative step can be taken each time the mask is disinfected before and after use.


Pressure manometers are another vital piece for patient sedation. The accuracy of Anesthesia Associates manometers will give a true reading of the gas being administered. An easy to read dial and a zeroing correcting screw are both desirable in pressure manometers. The physician must be away that many manometers are just the gauges, and mounting pieces, harnesses, and gauge guards must be sought out separately.


The ability of an anesthesia machine to operate is dependent upon its valves. Anesthesia Associates scavenging valves controls gather the exhalations from the patient and direct them out of the room. Pop-Off valves act as a safety net to ensure that the pressure will not get too high. These are adjustable to relieve excess gas pressure before it gets too high.


The vaporizers of an anesthesia machine takes the sedating drugs and turns them into a breathable gas for the patient. Anesthesia Associates has an in-circuit vaporizer which has an opening in which to inject necessary liquid drugs. If replacing the vaporizer, the physician should also replace the adapters as well to ensure the highest quality of both. A secure, tight fit between the adapters and the vaporizer will ensure that no gas is leaked.


Quality parts and supplies for an anesthesia machine should be maintained and checked on a regular basis to ensure that they operate properly, and there is no wear and tear to them. Replacement parts are easily found. If you did not find the anesthesia supplies you are looking for, please post a question to our expert or contact us toll free at 1-877-706-4480, and we will find what you are looking for at the best possible price.

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