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Baby Scales for Our Most Precious Treasures

One of the most important pieces of medical equipment in the Labor and Delivery Room and in Pediatric Units and Clinics is the baby scale.  There is no margin for error when it comes to measuring and weighing infants, which is why Medical Supplies and Equipment Company has been the reliable resource for supplying only the finest precision baby scales in the profession.  From digital baby scales, manual baby scales, to electronic baby scales, you can depend on us to provide you with the best baby weight scales and measuring devices at competitive prices below MSRP.  Our on line inventory carries the following state-of-the-art Baby Wighing Scales:


The Digital Baby Scale ensures maximum safety and accuracy when weighing babies.  Although it has a large weighing tray, it still requires little space.  This scale is easy to read, easy to clean, and with its four load cells it’s the premium choice for repeated accurate weighing.

 The Digital Baby Scale was engineered by working daily with pediatricians and pediatric patients.  With this collaborative effort, this scale was designed with ergonomic trays and advanced features combining weighing and measuring options for squirming infants.  This scale is accurate to 0.2 ounces and, with the addition of the 231 Measuring Rod, the baby’s length can be conveniently measured at the same time.  To make placing and picking babies up easier, this scale is open on one side.  As well, this model also can quickly and accurately measure a baby’s breast milk intake.

The digital diaper scale is designed to accurately track a baby’s output.  This electronic baby scale can track everything in a baby’s diaper down to 2 grams.  It features a remarkably fast, easy-to-read digital readout, keeping potentially messy jobs at a minimum.  It’s also easy to clean and convenient to store.

The Electronic Baby Scale uses a proprietary damping system to compensate for a squirming baby, eliminating variation and guesswork when evaluating a baby’s true weight.   This model delivers reliable precision with a graduation of 2 grams, making it the preferred choice of hospitals around the world.

The Electronic Baby Scale was designed with the infant’s health in mind, where the smallest fluctuation in weight can be critical to the baby’s condition.  This scale holds its accuracy for extended time periods by self-testing its entire system every two seconds.  With the addition of the optional Measuring Rod a baby’s length and weight can be evaluated in one, simple step.

The Electronic Personal Scale features a mother-and-child function enabling the child to be weighed accurately while still in the mother’s arms.  For extremely fussy or uncooperative babies, this scale is the premier choice.

The Portable Digital Baby Scale offers visiting practitioners and nurses a precision scale that is conveniently portable.  This model is lightweight, compact, extremely durable, and very economical.  It comes with a battery operated power supply that will last for 3,000 weighing operations.  It also features an optional carrying case.

The Mechanical Baby Scale has been the medical profession’s most popular mechanical baby scale for over 50 years.  It features steel construction for strength and durability, yet its light in weight making portability quite convenient.  This model has been named the Visiting Nurses Association’s and World Health Organization’s scale of choice.


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