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Bariatric Bed Comfort for Big & Tall Patients

As obesity gains credibility among healthcare professionals and general understanding of the condition grows, demand for bariatric equipment, such as bariatric beds, tailored specifically to the needs of bariatric patients and their caregivers, is on the rise.  Manufacturers of bariatric beds have been striving to meet these demands and developing technology that serves home based and hospital based patients more sufficiently.  Technology from commercial bariatric equipment fabricators has now crossed over into products for the home setting, and this is especially for bariatric beds.  Medical equipment manufacturers have been working diligently to meet these demands and new state of the art bariatric hospital beds are designed for the mutual benefit of both caregiver and patient.


Bariatric hospital beds must not only be designed to meet the patients’ needs but must also meet the needs of their caregivers, who, in a home setting, are basically on their own.  Increased weight increases the risk of injury to the caregiver during patient handling and movement tasks.  Some of the tasks that present extra challenges when caring for bariatric patients include turning and repositioning to prevent pressure sores, transferring in and out of a bed or chair, assisting with bathing and toileting, and supporting a limb while performing patient handling tasks.  At the same time, there are engineering issues, including strength of equipment, doorway clearance and accommodation of scales which need to be addressed in the management of bariatric patients.  This has created an essential need for the proper bariatric equipment in every healthcare setting.  The bariatric hospital beds and bariatric equipment in our inventory is designed to meet these challenges and enable safe and efficient patient care.


Bariatric hospital beds designed for heavier patients’ needs a sturdy, reinforced frame, and a larger sleeping area.  When positioning the bariatric bed, it is important to make sure there is sufficient room around it to accomplish clinical and nursing tasks.  A clearance of 5 feet at the sides and foot of the bariatric bed will allow for positioning of bariatric patient lifts & Hoyer patient lifts and bariatric wheelchairs.  For efficiency, electrically operated bariatric hospital beds will provide the most comfortable position for sleeping and for providing medical care.


For pressure relief and management of respiratory and circulatory problems, the bariatric bed should be coordinated with a bariatric mattress or alternating pressure mattress, which will ensure that pressure is not placed continuously on the same areas, lowering the risk of potential injuries. It is advisable to evaluate the entire list of options available in bariatric equipment so all of your needs are met.


Full Electric Bariatric Hospital Beds


These beds come in different widths to accommodate the size of the patient:  60 inches, 54 inches, and 48 inches are excellent bed choices for large people.  Super heavy-duty components combined with precision engineering make these beds the premium choice for bariatric patient care.  The state of the art electronic system provides safe and smooth operation.  Each model has a weight capacity of 1000 pounds. These bariatric hospital beds are constructed with durable, heavy-duty components capable of supporting 600 lbs.  The reliable electronic system ensures safe and long lasting operation.  Also, available on today’s market are adjustable side rails allowing for staff to help patients in and out of bed with ease.  Larger caster wheels are added for easier transport.  There are many others when it comes to accessorizing your bariatric hospital beds.


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