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Bariatric Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

Obese patients do not want to feel like they are being singled out, but their need for  specific products  will likely do just that. For the patient's comfort, they will need to be given a bariatric wheelchair. This will ensure that the patient has the proper support for his mass, since for some patients, the average wheelchair will not be sufficient. The weight supported by a bariatric wheelchair can vary by brand, and any caregiver who is looking to provide for the obese ought to take into account all the possibilities of levels of obesity in forthcoming patients. Some bariatric wheelchairs will only hold up  patients with weights up to 350 pounds, while others will support up to 750 pounds. The width of the wheelchair is also important, since they are often available in sizes of 22 inches to 30 inches.  Every patient should be offered a wheelchair that will comfortably support him and let him not feel cramped by avoiding a too small or narrow a wheelchair.


Strength of structure and size of the wheelchair should be two of the most important factors for anyone looking for bariatric wheelchairs.
Whatever your requirements, you can find what you are looking for today in our online inventory. If you have any questions or need assistance, call us toll-free at 1-877-706-4480. Our staff is ready to assist you.  Please review our other wheelchair selections
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