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Bariatric Hospital Beds: The King Bed of Hospitals

Any physician treating a bariatric patient must be prepared to deal with the unique situations that arise in treating the obese. Due to their larger size, obese patients must have many aspects of a hospital stay tailored to their specific needs. Included among these is the need for a special hospital bed. Bariatric hospital beds should be wide enough for the patient's girth and sturdy enough to hold up their weight.


Obese patients do not want to feel like they are being singled out, but upon admittance, their need for a specific hospital bed will likely do just that. For the patient's comfort, they will need to be placed in a room with a bariatric hospital beds. This will ensure that the patient has the proper support for his mass, since for some patients, the average hospital bed will not be sufficient. The weight supported by a bariatric hospital bed can vary by brand, and anyone who is looking ought to consider all the possibilities of levels of obesity in forthcoming patients. Some bariatric hospital beds will only hold up patients with weights up to 600 pounds, while others will support up to 1000 pounds. The width of the bed is also important, since they are often available in sizes that vary from 48 inches wide to 60 inches wide. Every patient should be offered a bed that will comfortably support him and let him not feel cramped by avoiding a too narrow bed.


Some patients will need a bed for home use. They must look for bariatric hospital beds that will suit their specific needs. It must hold up their at least their current weight, and it must be wide enough for the patient to lie in comfortably. Many home hospital beds are also electrically adjustable, and like those found in a hospital, the motor must be able to last through months of use. The bed must be easy to adjust for the patient.  If it comes equipped with side rails, these must be simple to put up and take down for the caregiver. Quality bariatric hospital beds will likely have these features.


Bariatric hospital beds must also be able to perform all the same tasks that typical hospital beds do. Many are adjustable, and if they have an electric motor, the motor must be strong enough to move the weight of the bed and the patient without grinding during use or wearing out too soon. A strong motor for a strong bed is an important feature in a bariatric hospital beds. This will save the cost of frequently repairing or replacing the motor in the future. As most hospital budgets are often strained, this is the only sensible option, but never sacrifice quality for price. The patient's comfort must always come first in any situation, including the choice of his bariatric hospital bed.




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