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Best Uses for Transparent Dressing

Transparent dressing is a great addition to any first aid kit, medical office, or home health care provider's travel medical kit. This highly versatile and protective type of covering has a lot to offer when used in conjunction with other types of wound care products. It is important to realize that a transparent dressing provides no healing benefits on its own, because it has no medicated ingredients. However, it can be ideal for protecting wounds and keeping other types of wound care products in place.

Clear film dressing is often used with hydrogels, calcium alginate dressings, or even hydrocolloid dressings in some situations. The calcium alginate or hydrogel compound is applied directly on the wound, and then the transparent dressing is spread over the wound area to secure the dressing in place. Some forms of transparent dressing are adhesive over the entire surface while others may have a window frame type border of adhesive material. This is perfect if you want to avoid any possible contact with the dressing adhesive and the wound itself.

A clear dressing is sterile on the side that will be next to the skin. There is a paper or plastic section that is peeled off just before applying to the wound and dressing. Since you can easily see the location of everything through the dressing, it prevents accidentally positioning the adhesive on any part of the wound or other lesions or wounds that are being treated if multiple incidents are present. With fully adhesive surfaces on the transparent dressing, you can cut and shape the film to exact requirements of the injury, or you can use as standard square, rectangular, round or triangular shape available. 

Clear dressings do not usually provide full occlusion for the wound, rather they are designed to allow a breathable barrier between the wound and the air. However, the surface is designed to prevent liquids, pathogens, bacteria or other types of contaminants from entering the area covered by the dressing. It is breathabe, light weight, and comfortable, and the almost undetectable nature of the dressing makes it a good option for many patients.

Transparent dressings can only be applied to dry skin, so it is essential to select a dressing size that provides a suitable border around the wound if there is any moisture in the periwound skin. In addition, wounds that are producing moderate to heavy exudate should not be covered with a clear dressing, since the moisture can damage the adhesive and cause the dressing to slip or fall off completely.

Start by washing the wound and skin with a saline solution and allowing to air dry. Apply a topical ointment, cream, or hydrating dressing, and then position the transparent dressing over the area to test for size. Cut or modify the dressing as needed, and peel of the covering on the adhesive side and push down flat across the wound. Do not pull across the wound, as this can distort the position of the dressing or the skin itself under the transparent dressing.


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