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C-Arm Tables Offer Versatility

C-Arm tables are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in most hospital and clinical settings. Different C-Arm imaging systems may require specialized types of tables. However, most are designed to be used with any C-Arm system. These can include both the ceiling mounted imaging equipment as well as the C-Arm mobile types of systems. This versatility is an important consideration as it allows the tables to be used in a variety of patient examination and treatment rooms as required.

As with any type of patient treatment table, it is important for C-Arm tables to be designed to be patient friendly as well as easy for staff to control, move, and position. C-Arm tables with the ability to be raised and lowered are ideal for easily transferring patients from wheelchairs or beds onto the table. The other option to consider is a fixed height table which is still very practical for use with hospital beds since the bed itself can be raised or lowered to match the table surface height. For patients in wheelchairs a low position of approximately 25 inches provides that ease in transfer while a high range of 43 inches allows the staff to be able to work at a comfortable height.

Other patient comfort options to look for on or with a C-Arm table include positioning pads that are designed to support the patient in a steady, still and comfortable position during the treatment or imaging process. These pads may be used in both the supine or prone positions or they may be uniquely designed for one position or the other. Choosing C-Arm tables that are suitable for a wide range of patients is also important. Most tables are designed to safely hold patients up to 500 lbs and most have a metal free surface area of up to 56 inches for complete imaging. The table top dimensions for most of these types of tables will be 22 inches by 84 inches, also providing enough length and width for most patients. Since these diagnostic tables are heavy and well constructed with a steel base, they are also equipped with locking casters that provide the staff with easy, convenient positioning of the table and the patient under any ceiling mounting imaging device. Other features include the option of a trendelenburg tilt, which can be essential both for positioning the patient for imaging as well as pain management and examination types of procedures.

Fixed height C-Arm tables are ideal as a lower cost option for imaging procedures as well as multi-disciplinary types of usage. Although these tables don't life up or lower, they are designed to be very sturdy and steady and allow easy assisted types of patient transfers. These tables tend to be slightly wider than other types of C-Arm tables at 24 inches, plus they are also rated for a higher weight of 650 pounds, which may be an important consideration for bariatric patients. These imaging tables are lower cost than the motorized lift C-Arm tables and are a good addition to any type of practice or medical imaging room.

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