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Choosing The Right Type of Athletic Sports Taping Table

Unfortunately for athletes, coaches and trainers, planning for sports injuries is an essential part of developing a great team and an effective locker room. Having the right equipment, which typically includes one or more options when it comes to athletic sports taping tables, is important as standard equipment. The athletic sports taping table models on the market today offer a lot of different options, plus they are a lot better than trying to tape from the bench or when the athlete is seated in a standard chair.


There are several options to consider when choosing the best type of athletic sports taping table. The first is if a single taping table, a dual person athletic sports taping table or even a multiple person option may be the most effective. This is usually an individual consideration that is made based on the number of athletes that will need to be taped prior to any type of event. Larger teams such as football, basketball or baseball teams or soccer clubs that may have several players that need to be taped would be well advised to consider the larger tables as this will make the process much quicker.


Some athletic sports taping table are built to one specification or height, which means that they are not adjustable, but rather the person doing the taping has to either sit or stand based on the height of the leg of the athlete on the table. For most people that standard athletic sports taping table which is approximately 36 inches in height is an acceptable level. However, if you have to tape several different people or if shorter or taller individuals are doing the taping, having an adjustable table is the perfect answer. These adjustable tables can have the surface positioned between 30 and 40 inches from the floor, ensuring that most people can be comfortably accommodated for all their taping requirements.


It is also important to consider the weight load that the athletic sports taping table can support. Most of the heavy duty tables that hold more than one person can hold up to 250 pounds per seat area, which single athletic sports taping tables may be able to hold up to 350 pounds. The tables should be well braced and secure, not likely to slip or wobble. They should also be covered with a comfortable, easy to clean surface area that is foam covered with vinyl. Color options in athletic sports taping table range from the traditional reds, blacks and blues through to colors that will match almost any team's jerseys and locker room colors.


Additional features to look for on an athletic sports taping table may include bottom shelves for additional storage, or even drawer and cupboards. Additional storage space for taping supplies is a terrific option as everything is at the trainer, coaches or team doctor's fingertips when they are using the table. Dual person athletic sports taping table may also have a surface insert that can be placed between the two seats to make a full treatment table or if left out provides additional space for storage or use.


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