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Otoscope Wall Diagnostic Station w/ 3.5 V Handles

The integrated wall diagnostic system comes equipped with a clock, 2 handles 3.5 V / 120 V , otoscope L2 with LED 3.5 V light , and an ophthalmoscope L2 with xenon  3.5 V light.

Original price was: $1,145.45.Current price is: $848.48.


  • The time of day is easy to read both day and night thanks to the illuminated display
  • The clock is connected to the power circuit and thus independent of batteries
  • 3.5 V xenon illumination creates lighting conditions similar to daylight
  • Optimum electronic efficiency by the use of regulating switch
  • Constant output voltage
  • Prolongs the service life of the lamps and guarantees optimum light intensity
  • Automatic switching on / off of handles
  • Saves energy and increases the service life of the lamps
  • The adjusted light intensity setting remains until the next examination
  • Non-slip, ergonomically designed handles with rheostat
  • Infinitely variable regulation of brightness
  • Manual switching on / off possible on the handle
  • Spiral cord expandable up to 9.8 ft
  • Aesthetic colours to match other Riester products
  • Easy cleaning and disinfection of the instruments
  • FDA approved
  • CE certified

Manufacturer warranty:  2 yr


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