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Digital Scales: For Home or Medical Office Use

Digital scales have quickly become as integral to the medical profession as the stethoscope or the thermometer. The use of digital technology has allowed for the development of advanced features, designed to suit a wide range of needs, interests and concerns. Particular difficulties surrounding the weighing of people in wheelchairs, the elderly, or babies have been solved in creative ways through the use of “training” functions on digital weighing scales. Digital scales bring the added benefit of providing additional information to the user or health care professional, as well as memory functions which allow one to analysis weight fluctuations over time. Medical Supplies & Equipment Company carries a full range of digital scales that are used in the medical profession today, as well as those designed for home use.


For individuals who must remain in bed for an extended period of time, digital bed scales can be a vital way to monitor the health of the individual, as well as responsiveness to a change in diet or new treatments. The “under bed scales” we offer set the industry standard, and are used by hospitals and treatment centers all around the country. Digital bed scales provide and store important information, such as dialysis indicators, as well as alerts to hospital staff or other caretakers should extreme or sudden fluctuations occur. Our digital portable bed scales are designed with safeguards in the event of a power failure, ensuring that no imformation will be lost.


Similarly, we offer digital scales to users with special needs, such as those who have trouble walking, or must use a wheelchair. Our digital wheelchair scales allow a user to enter a predetermined weight for the chair, which will be deducted from the overall weight when he or she rests upon the flat scale. For a person using a cane or a walker, we offer flat scales with hand-rails which provide support as the person is being weighed. In addition to these, we offer digital chair scales as well as standard flat scales—all of which are designed to be easy and safe to use. For a person with special needs, these scales are as easy and convenient as a traditional column or digital bathroom scale would be for others. This is an important aspect of maintaining the health of anyone, whether in the hospital or the home.


We also offer several digital baby scales that allow parents or physicians to carefully and consistently monitor the health of a baby through changes in weight. As it is difficult to measure weight when the person being weighed moves around too much, the most important consideration in choosing a digital baby scale is the comfort of the baby. The scales we offer are designed to set the baby at ease, as well as to provide vital protection to prevent the child from rolling off. In addition to the usual “cradle” designs, we also offer a personal digital scale with a “mother/child” option. This allows a mother to “tare” the scale to her own weight, and then weigh the baby by standing upon the scale while holding the child in her arms. Nothing could be more could be more comforting to the baby, or result in a more accurate reading!


The digital scales described here are only a sampling of the wide selection we carry. Medical Supplies & Equipment Company aspires to be the single source for all your medical supply needs, so if you do not see the product you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us. Our helpful staff of experienced professionals can help you locate exactly the product you need, at a price that is guaranteed to “balance” with your budget.

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