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Disposable Exam Wear That Meets Your Expectations

Disposable Exam Wear That Meets Your Expectations

Is it ever possible to not have a patient gasp when you tell them they need to slip into exam wear for their procedure or for their consultation? It may not seem like it! After all, the goal of exam wear is to make it easy for doctors and nurses to examine the patient, but at the same time, the patient wants to remain as modest and covered up as possible. Finding the right fit isn’t always possible. However, when you are looking for disposable exam wear for your medical facility, it is possible to buy products that may offer a bit more comfort for all involved.

The Importance of Disposable Gowns

Infection control is exceedingly important in today’s hospitals. The move towards using disposable exam wear, disposable drapes, and single-use gowns is one way doctors and hospitals can reduce the risks associated with the spread of germs. The results are, quite frankly, beneficial in all areas:

•    Disposable exam wear has better barrier qualities.
•    It offers infection prevention in even some of the most difficult environments.
•    It meets OSHA’s guidelines.
•    It can provide safety at an affordable price.

Some estimates say that as many as 80 percent of all hospitals are turning to the use of disposable exam wear including gowns and drapes. You may already know the importance of protecting your patients from germs, but federal regulations have put more pressure on facilities to ensure this is the case.
Why is this? Quite simply, it is because the risk of infectious disease in these medical facilities is higher than ever. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention says things are improving! This may be due to these new federal guidelines.  There’s been a drop of about 50 percent in central line-associated bloodstream infections and a 17 percent drop in surgical site infections. But, the risks are still very present. 

There Are Solutions Available


  • The good news is there are numerous solutions available today to help facilities to meet these goals. 
  • Disposable patient gowns are one of the most common options. These fit over the patient loosely while providing a tie around the midsection. 
  • Disposable exam shorts are easy to access and ideally suited for many environments.
  • Examination capes are necessary for those who need coverage for the upper body’s examinations. These can be used by placing them over clothing if the examination does not need to be much more than this. 
  • Disposable patient robes are another option, ideal or when coverage is desired.
  • Don’t forget to invest in pediatric sized gowns as well.


These products help to meet the needs of the patient while working to reduce the risks to them and to hospitals. 


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