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Doctor Consultation Coats The History Behind the White Consultation Coat

Doctor Consultation Coats: The History Behind the White Consultation Coat


Since the nineteenth century, white doctor’s consultation coats have been a staple in medicine.  Like the importance of an officer’s badge, a doctor’s consultation coat symbolizes the same authority.  It alerts the patient as to who is in charge.  The last thing you want is for your patients to question who is responsible for their diagnosis.  Consultation coats are primarily white, which suggests pureness and hope.  When worn correctly, these coats can demand the attention of a room.  There is no denying the doctor’s white coat was earned from years of schooling, making the doctor themselves, a person to respect.  Patients believe their doctors appearance is important to their care and the white lab coat can give them more confidence in their doctor’s ability to help them through their illness.


White Coats and their Importance in the Medical Field

The white coat reference in medicine is so prominent that graduating medical students are now celebrating their completion of medical school with a white coat ceremony.  Student are presented with a long white lab coat to replace their short white lab coat they were presented in the beginning of their studies.  A doctor’s consultation coat should be worn with pride.  Finding the right fit can only enhance the professional façade that you want to portray.


Why are Consultation Coats Beneficial?

There are several other positive reasons to use a consultation or lab coat.   Everyone knows that doctors have very busy schedules.  Take an OB/GY for instance.  An OB/GY is in their office seeing patients for everyday exams running to the hospital to deliver babies.  The doctor responsible for this can easily take off their consultation coat, while leaving their plain clothes underneath, make a run and return with great ease.  Let’s review a few other reasons:

  • Protect your personal Clothing from harmful contaminants
  • Change in and out of with ease, saving critical time
  • When soiled, consultation coats can be laundered, keeping you and your office germ free
  • Most consultation coats are available with large pockets which allows for easy access to your pen and RX pad, glasses or stethoscope.


It is very important to search for the qualities you need in your lab coat.  There are several materials available to accommodate your needs.  If you are in an environment that needs protection from fluids, you’ll need to invest in a coat that is made from fluid resistant materials, like polypropylene.  If contaminating fluids is not a concern, you may opt for a lab coat that is more comfortable and made of cotton.  Either way there are many options available.

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